11 Top Free Blogger Templates For Any Niche (2021)

You have created a Blogger blog or site but are not impressed with the variety of templates available to you. You may have begun to believe that this is all you can get for free, right? Not right! I came up with free Blogger templates for your blog or site.


 Not only will your blog look appealing to visitors, but it will also be extremely effective. In the list, I have included a template for blogging in almost any niche from fashion to technology. So let's start without further ado.

Top 11 Free Blogger Templates (Responsive, Modern and Clean) (2022)

 These templates are completely free. But you can upgrade a few templates if you want. First, let's use the Blogger theme aimed at the educational field.

LMS Education Blogger Template


 Do Want to create an educational website using Google Blogger? Look no further than the LMS Education template which provides everything you need to start your learning management program.

It is a good decision for you if you want to present your studies or a site like InMakeMoney

There are many commendable features in the body. Let me share with you some of the benefits you enjoy with this template.

  • Enjoy the customizable menu
  • Delete any menu without entering a code 
  • Praise yourself for your wonderful testimony
  • Support Responsive drop-down menu
  • Show all your Blogger labels separately
  • Easily change your wallpaper or logo
  • Display your social media profiles using sharp buttons
  • Display your recent classes or classes labeled 'Labels
  • Enter the latest list of blog posts with embedded image.

Polar Blogger Template for Common Blogs

Polar is a Blogger theme full of straightforward design. Designed for SEO and students alike. You can also create a professional blog in just minutes using Blogger. All segments provide a comfortable experience for you and your readers.



Here are a few of my favourite things about Polar:
  • Attractive 'author box'
  • Bread roaming breadcrumbs
  • Responsive drop-down menu
  • Hidden widget of popular posts on the right
  • Upload more posts in Magazine style
  • Suitable for various blogs from tech to recipe
  • The social widget helps to position your social media profiles well
  • Clean the head and foot to highlight important credits and pages

Blogger Theme for Camera Photos and Travel


 Blogger Camera Template is a great choice for you if you want to create a photo blog or a travel diary. Designed for SEO and responsive to all devices. However it loads quickly. The default color variation is black, but you can change it as per your choice.

 Here are a few things you would like to know:

  • Create an eye-catching feed for your photos
  • Let your readers enjoy a clean responsive structure
  • Use the drop-down menu
  • Welcome your readers with an interactive carousel
  • Show 'tags' related to each post
  • Accept seamless typography
  • Grow your followers using the social widget
  • Add as many widgets as you want

·          Related posts that your readers might like under all posts

I believe it has everything you need to show off your photography skills or brag about your holidays. But you can always upgrade to get more color options and credits. 

Camille's Blogger Theme for Fashion, Beauty, and Cosmetics Niches


Camille is a clean and fast loading template for Blogger publishers. Your blog will look great on any device because it is a multi-purpose theme that works responsibly. Look no further than Camille if you want to create a fashion blog, beauty, or makeup.

 Here are a few things that Camille is proud of:

  • SEO-friendly
  • Amazing header
  • Ads-friendly template
  • Three columns on foot
  • Communication sharing
  • The bottom that responds
  • Navigational breadcrumbs
  • Minimalist and 3D style theme
  • Create a portfolio, magazine, or regular blog

 Infinity Portfolio Free Blogger Template for Companies and Freelancers


 It is the latest blogger theme on the page suitable for various agencies and freelancers. Present your portfolio using Google Blogger and you still look more professional than ever. It's full of amazing works like testimonials, services, and projects too.

 Here are the sneak-peak features:

  • Email Subscription Widget
  • Direct drop-down menu
  • Authority over-fold
  • Bottom column and sidebar
  • Amp-ready and SEO-friendly
  • Let your clients meet with your team
  • Showcase your projects easily
  • Maps and contact details on foot
  • Compatible with almost all browsers
  • It is very responsive to all screen sizes

 Infinity Portfolio is a responsive Blogger theme to showcase your collaborative work experience. With the template, you will find a beautiful collection of attractive images and slideshows. Discover this beautiful, modern, and clean Blogger template, especially for you.

Kaplan Blogger Template for News, Cars, or Gossip Blogs


 A clean Blogger theme suitable for news, car blogs, or gossip. Kaplan recently joined the list designed by ColorLib. It is helpful to point out several blog posts in different categories. There is a slide on the right, with popular posts, comments, tags, and more.

 Here are a few things you need to know.

  • Pages and buttons of the social media profile at the top
  • Blog posts are categorized by labels
  • Slide right through various widgets
  • Public share buttons after moving up
  • Seamless contact section for us
  • The foot has three columns where you can add a little 'about' text, contact details, or more.

FutureMag Template for Magazines and News Locations


 FutureMag is the best free Blogger template for online magazines, publishing houses, and news sites. But you can use it most in any blog. It has a good news tag just below the title. The design is clean and straightforward.

 Here are a few things you will love about FutureMag:

  • It is very responsive to almost all devices
  • Moving news ticker
  • Clean the head and foot
  • Pages and contact buttons just above the title
  • Category page menu
  • Right sidebar for installed and recent posts
  • Related posts are displayed under each post

All of these features are full but the site is loading very quickly. You can display the latest blog posts just below the tick. There is a footer of three columns that allows you to show more. And I like that the footprints are short.

Free Pixel Blogger Template Complete With Ad Display

I like templates that are ready to display ads. And Pixel is one of them. It's completely free to download. It also includes tons of locations and widgets to display Google Ads or third-party ads. That is why it is so popular with AdSense publishers.

 Let's take a look at some of its top features now.

  • Pages and links at the top provide a clean look
  • Responds to any device
  • Ad placement
  • Posts are displayed under each category or ‘Label’
  • Sidebar with any widget you want to display
  • Post navigation numbers
  • At the foot of the three columns 'Made by Colorlib'
  • Author's bio box
  • It's easy to comment on a post

 Your readers will love the beautiful and modern look of your site. Navigation numbers make sure the magazine style feed. Pixel is suitable for a variety of niches from fashion to technology as well as from a regular blog to a travel diary.

SoraShop Blogger Template for eCommerce Stores


SoraShop is a premium-themed theme for you to start using an eCommerce store. You can sell anything from laptops to children's clothing, thanks to its beautiful design. I was surprised at first to get it for free, although you can upgrade to the premium version again.

 Let me introduce some of its top features now.

  • At the foot of the three columns
  • Responds to all devices
  • Button Add to the Beautiful Cart
  • Product list collections and widgets
  • Ready for ads and suitable for SEO
  • Blogger's delightful online store template
  • A fully functional layout of several widgets
  • Lots of colorful and beautiful post icons
  • Cleverly modified in the WordPress ecosystem
  • Adjusts size according to screen size

 But wait, there is more. You can not only run an online store but also create a blog to show ads and earn revenue. It also means you are posting it on a fashion or electronics blog. I must say it is the most versatile Blogger template I have ever encountered.

Melina's Free Blogger Template for Full Feature Magazines


Melina is the best model for fashion magazines with full features and other blogs. It has a very attractive design with an eye-catching look without a doubt. Look no further than this if you want to build a professional magazine or publishing site.

 Here are some of the top features:

  • Nice slideshow
  • Multi-colored template
  • Various typing
  • Further reading
  • Suitable for ads with Google
  • Minimalist look and style
  • Responds to all devices
  • Display of featured images
  • Right sidebar with fewer widgets
  • Automatic size adjustment

Also modified on WordPress. What I really like about the theme is that it also offers schema markups and a breadcrumb structure. Typography is very readable. The template looks even better with ‘Colorful Labels’.

Plate Blogger theme for food blog or restaurant


 Plate is a complete Blogger template for making a recipe blog or restaurant. Every post of this recipe looks fun without a doubt. But you can also create a personal blog, tour, or OOTD using the theme.

 Let me spray a few features on your plate now:

  • The use of many colors (orange, white, and red)
  • The right sidebar is compatible with all widgets
  • Ideal for ads, SEO, social media
  • At the foot of the three columns of good looks
  • Navigation of breadcrumb
  • Fully responsive template

      The template offers a few features with a wide range of functionality and yet offers a clean look. It is also ready to display ads and social media buttons. Plate represents a new era of Blogger themes without a doubt. You can also purchase the premium version.

 Have you chosen a theme for your Blogger site? Go to FutureMag if you have not chosen your own. Or select LMS Education if you want to offer courses or something related to education. After that, you may want to know how to install the Blogger theme in minutes.

 Here's how you do it.

How to Install Blogger Template Freely in Minutes

  • Download the template using buttons or links
  • Extract the zip file and open it
  • Sign in to your Blogger Dashboard
  • Navigate to the 'Theme' section
  • Click 'Backup / Restore' (If something bad happens)
  • Select a template folder
  • Select the .xml file and upload it

  And that's it! You just downloaded and installed the Blogger theme. You're ready to start publishing amazing content now. But before that, I recommend that I choose the theme carefully. Also, review the live demo before you go looking for a specific template.

What Are The Best Free Blogger Templates for 2021?

 Various templates prepared for Blogger come out every day. And it has become a challenge to choose for yourself. The best free Blogger theme that easily fits your needs.

 For example, you may want to go with an Infinity Portfolio template if you want to create your own portfolio. I hope that makes sense. What are your favorite templates? Notify me in the comments below.

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