How to delete Instagram account ?

How to delete Instagram permanently ?. many people don't know how to delete their Instagram account. so, in this article we are gonna see how to delete an Instagram account. So Lets Begin!

First of all to delete your Instagram account, first must login to your Instagram account into because it is not possible to delete an Instagram account from the normal app so, you must login into the web .
 After opening Instagram in web browser you must login with your account which you want to delete .
Then go to 'settings' scroll down you can see 'Help Center click' on it a new page will open then you can see 3 lines on the top right corner click on it ,
then click on 'Manage your account' and you can see the fourth option 'Delete your account, click on it .
Go to the second option 'How to delete my instagram account' and scroll down you can 'Delete Your Account' as highlighted text just click on it , A new window will open 'Delete Your Account'  and select the reason that why are you deleting your instagram account and then enter your account password .
Then click on delete , and you'll given one month time to deletion of account. if you change your mind within the one month can login to your id or else you account will be deleted automatically after the one month and you cannot login to the account after deletion.
In the period of one month your account will not be visible to public.
That's it for today..! 

Darshan Gowda
By : Darshan Gowda
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