How to earn money with Instagram

   Instagram has nearly 180 million users in India, and the number has grown steadily in India. So, naturally, many users are increasingly looking for new ways to make money with Instagram in India.

In July 2020, Instagram launched Reels in India following the ban on TikTok in the country. Reels are now available in 50+ countries, and the platform is once again launching full-screen ads on Reels that can last up to 30 seconds.

With about 70-80% of all data in the country in video, India is the first data market. Instagram is betting on IGTV and Reels to compete with YouTube and other forums. With YouTube launching the $ 100 million Shorts wallet, Instagram is feeling the heat.

Facebook and Instagram plan to pay $ 1 billion for creators' benefits. Payments will pass by 2022 as the company seeks to “reward creators” by creating content for its forums. Facebook is trying hard to attract creators from other platforms like TikTok.

Can You Make Money in Instagram. Yes, absolutely you can make money on the Instagram, but you should have some patience! Instagram does not give you money on the starting itself you should work a little hard to get some audience to watch your content and you can make money . 


How to earn money with Instagram

So, here are 9 Ways to Make Money on Instagram. Lest begin.

1. Product Partnership

As a content creator, you can work with brands to promote their products and services. Instagram has set some restrictions on sponsored content that you should follow. Creators are not allowed to advertise products such as drugs and weapons.

The average revenue you earn through sponsored content is usually determined based on your existing fan base and level of engagement. Both the rules created by Instagram and the new rules created by ASCI mandate you to disclose paid partnerships. To understand what qualifies as a sponsored or paid partnership, we recommend that you read the full list of Instagram posts.

2. Improve Collaboration Links

Integrated marketing allows you to earn commissions for advertising other companies' products and services. As a content creator, you can partner with products or affiliate marketing networks such as Commission Junction to promote a variety of products and services that are relevant to your audience.

You can promote interactive links with your bio, captions, videos, and posts to your audience. Content creators can expect to earn 5-15% commission on all sales. If you are confused about which affiliate marketing programs in India will suit your channel, we have compiled a comprehensive list that you can check out by visiting the link above.

Suppose you are new to affiliate marketing and want to learn more and we have a beginner's guide to integrated marketing that will benefit you. Most content creators would agree that affiliate marketing is among their strongest monetization channels via Instagram in India.

3. Sponsored Content

Products often work with Instagrammers to promote their products and services; unlike product relationships, such deals are naturally traded. As a content creator, you will be expected to promote a post or video to create affiliate product awareness.

Unlike product relationships, such deals are usually managed by marketing agencies that work with products. The average income for each post and, as mentioned earlier, is determined by the number of followers and the level of engagement.

4. Shopping

If you have a product you want to sell on Instagram, the forum allows you to set up a store. This requires you to create an Instagram business account and create a product catalog. Once you have established your product catalog, you can promote it by making all your content affordable. You can tag products on Instagram products instead of Instagram. You can also organize products into different categories.

The Instagram story of the man who raised his hand is covered with Instagram Shopping's user interface.

Instagram also provides rich information on the functionality of your store. Instagram purchases are only available to India-based clients currently. You can also advertise your store with Instagram ads in case you have your own website. Purchases will continue to grow as one of the best Instagram monetization channels in India.

5. Follower Membership and Special Content

Patreon is a membership platform that allows artists and creators to earn a monthly income by offering prizes or benefits to subscribers. An easy way to promote a Patreon link by posting it on your Instagram bio. Additionally, a Patreon link can also be added to your posts and articles published on the platform. 

Another effective way to upgrade your Patreon account is to run a giving contest. When setting the rules for the contest, you can specify that a fan must choose a Patreon membership to be eligible for the contest.

The Patreon account can be used to publish long-form videos, including tutorials, step-by-step guidelines, and background content from your channel.

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6. Licensed Photos and Videos

As a content creator, you can license your photos and videos to select brands. If a product chooses to use your photo or video, you are liable to pay for it.

But apparently this is a very complex domain, and the recent policy changes made by Instagram make it even more difficult. The terms of the forum clearly state that they have a special, fully paid and non-profit license, transferable, licensed, international license for the use of user content. This means that Instagram has all the rights from the original content owner - except that it is not a special license.

When you register your content under creative integration, this allows people to use your work with an adjective. Under creative commons, you have different types of licenses that determine how the image can be used.

7. Consultation

As a facilitator, you can share your knowledge and expertise with other content creators to help them build their audience. Brands, small businesses, and people who want to enhance their online presence on Instagram are always looking for Instagram Exhibitors.

As an Instagram link, you can charge $ 15- $ 50 per hour; More experienced Instagram viewers usually charge between $ 50 and $ 100 per hour. As the platform grows in size, there will be a growing need for coordinators as many creators do not know how to make money with Instagram in India.

8. IGTV ads

IGTV has become a powerful way to connect with your audience. With IGTV ads, creators can earn money through productive content. When you monetize content on Instagram, you give brands the option to advertise themselves within the videos you post.

How much you earn will be determined by the amount of viewing produced by your video, called Monetizable Plays.

You will receive 55 percent of the revenue generated by the views per watch that will be paid monthly. Once advertising is enabled, new monetization metrics can be found in Details.

9. Badges

With Live Badges, your community can support you as you earn money through previously created content. Badges are subject to the same rules as Live.

When supporters purchase badges, you will see a heart (s) close to their usernames. Additionally, you can view the total amount of badges purchased and your income. To view your profits for more details, press "View" during your live video. Alternatively, you can view the total value of your badges by visiting "Badge Settings" at any time after the event ends.


In this Article we have explained how to earn money in Instagram. so what are are waiting for go and start now to earn money. You can use these Tips to earn money in Instagram .

In the end I would to say that Instagram is also a best platform to earn money online.

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