How to make money online as a teenager

 As a young entrepreneur, I know that there are better ways to make money while in high school than at school (and it is not an easy task even at Starbucks).

Many of these I have tried or have friends who have succeeded but you still have to be determined and diligent to achieve them. If so, these are the best ways to make a lot of money while still in high school.

How-to-make-money-online-as-a-teenagerHow to make money online as a teenager

1. Create an app

I know this sounds impossible - but it is not. My friend did just that once and earns a month's idle income with a simple duplicate app in the iOS apps store.

He did not have much technical knowledge, but he was encouraged to study Udemy (the subject listed below) and developed a working program while still in high school. You can also have a built-in app in less than 3 months following tutorials like the ones below.

If you find a specific need and market it well, you can charge $ 1 for every download and / or monetize through in-app ads.

2. Take the Event

You only need one client to start a business! See if one of your parents or friends of your parents host an event where you can charge for your photography skills!

If you do not have a good camera, you can rent it and take an online photography class. Once you have taken photos at one event, you can get a reference to start filming other events!

Top photography is also a great opportunity to use your photography skills! Enter your name there - talk to your parents, classmates - and get your first job.

3. Get a Music Gig

Are you a talented artist? Do you know anyone who would like to be in a band? You can access other restaurants / caf├ęs and post recordings of your songs and / or covers.

If they like your music, they may agree to hire you to sing at their restaurant or cafe (especially if it is a local, family-owned venue).

Gigs like these are the way Taylor Swift started her career at a young age!

4. Pastor Friends

Are you really good at math? Did you get really good points at PSAT? You can become a pastor and get paid $ 20 or more per hour!

It not only helps the person you teach and lets you earn money, but also gives you an update on the old topic to do better in your current studies. If you teach a lesson you love, you don’t even need to feel like a job!

To find a mentor, just ask your parents or friends' friends if they know anyone who needs help. Often, students are shy and will not admit that they need a teacher, which is why it is important to talk to parents.

5. Pay Your Design Skills

Tons of people looking online right now in UpWork for smart people to help them design their logos / websites / media etc. You can sign up for a personal user account and submit your cover letter / resume to get the job openings available. This should be for people who already have experience in graphic design and / or art.

If you have not already done so, I suggest you start by taking an online class like this and building a portfolio.

6. Make Money Planning Events

Use those good leadership skills and help adults plan events! You may be paid as an assistant or find people who need to organize an event.

Another idea is to organize birthday parties for young children. It is often a headache for short-term parents and high-expectations children. You can remove that burden from them by arranging a wonderful birthday party with fun games and beautiful decorations.

If one child goes to an amazing party that you have planned, he or she will tell his or her parents that he or she wants you to plan his or her birthday. That’s where you can make this idea a business.

7. Sell eFarmers Market Stand

Don't be shy - just go to others and ask if they are renting at your local farmers' market! Some may want to let you work a shift or two a day.

If you have something to sell such as handmade jewelry or lemonade, you can also go through the papers to set up your own stand!

If you do not have a farmer market in your area, another option is to provide an event. Unlike a farmer’s market place that only happens once a year, food can become a profitable business that can give you more flexibility in your system, and of course, it has the potential to grow much more than a regular stand in the area. farmer market.

8. Start a Computer / Telephone Service Company

Before you count yourself as a computer literate person - remember how much you know about millennials / computers more than your grandparents or your parents.

You may not see it now, but as a teenager, you may have more technical knowledge than you do. And if there is something you do not know how to do, I bet you can do much better by following the tutorial online than your old client can do.

All you need is one client or family member to pay for your help setting up their phone, setting up their iTunes account, or installing some software, etc., and going to the races.

Ask in your area to see if anyone needs help. You only need one person to hire you to start your own business: Business: How to Start a Business From a Business Perspective >>

9. Lifeguard at your local lake

Protecting health is not always a summer job! Visit your local swimming pool or gym and apply to be a security guard. Many (if not all) pools or gyms will allow young people (over 15 in most places) to train as security guards.

Tip: learning CPR in advance is very helpful and often necessary!

10. Referee Sports Games

Are you familiar with a particular sport? Did you grow up playing the game?

I know some friends who earn $ 100 by postponing one football game. That’s not bad at all with a 90-minute game. You can search for opportunities to give back to your community or ask your local high school / club coach.

Normally, there are training you need to take before you get your first game, but after that, you can decide which times / games work best for your system.

It helps if you can drive yourself because games can sometimes be far away.

11. Subscribe to Wag

Gather friends with furry neighbors! Create a poster or online ad that lets your neighbor find you! You can sign up for Wag or ask your parents if they know anyone who needs a dog walker!

12. Sell your belongings

Another easy way to make money is to put your own clothes or other items on websites (or apps) like Dote, Let Go, or thredUP. You can create your account and choose your prices. Another option is to arrange a garage sale and invite a neighbor!

13. Bear Neighbor Children

This is probably one of the most common youth activities out there - and one of the easiest jobs ever! Ask in your area or create flyers to attach to the city that can easily spread the word!

Online websites like Facebook or Reddoor can also help. Chances are that the person you know will know someone who will need a babysitter, or will know someone to refer you to. Don't be afraid to ask!

14. Start a YouTube Channel

In this option, you have to be in it for a long time. Generally, YouTube users make just under $ 50 for their first year of making videos, but after years of creating the following, you can start earning product deals and better revenue from ads and start earning thousands of dollars.

To make this option work, you need to make sure that the content you include in the world is unique and up to standard - otherwise, no one will pay attention to you.

Starting a YouTube channel takes a lot of time, so you need to make sure making videos is something you love to do before pursuing this option.

Here's an in-depth tutorial on everything you need to know to start your own YouTube channel.

15. Sell on Shopify

Did you know that you do not need to have inventory to sell online? There is something called dropshipping where you can sell other companies' items in your store and send them from the customer to the customer and make a difference. This is how the Gym Shark started.

There is a great lesson for Udemy on how to do that and start earning money without investing in real estate development that you can find here: Build a Dumping Kingdom From Scratch [Blueprint Proven] 

16. Expand Instagram account

This can be a personal account to grow your own product or a completely different account, focused on virus content. If you grow an account with 40,000 followers, you can start charging money to post content to your account.

Almost every major account does this. If you are unsure, follow up to 20 great meme or niche accounts and be careful what they post. Normally paid posts will be live for a few hours. Niche accounts on Instagram (excluding influencers and personal products) can charge anywhere from $ 30 to $ 300 + per post. The number of followers and engagement levels are important in determining how much to pay for a post / story.

You can also be an ambassador and recommend the product to your bio / news links for which you can get commission.

17. Sell to Etsy

Are you particularly talented? Are you good at art? You can sell your art on Etsy! It is a website specifically for buying and selling handmade items such as jewelry, ornaments, clothing, etc. Here is a complete beginner tutorial for marketing on Etsy.

18. Produce a Song

Did you know that Billie Eilish was only 15 when he released Ocean Eyes?

If you can sing and dedicate yourself to learning to produce music online, you can write and produce your own song at home. All you need is the software required for your computer Ableton Live, a microphone for the studio, and great patience.

If you are not good at singing, you can share with an existing friend and join in the song (this is what Billie Eilish's brother did - he wrote / produced the song and then sang).

Once you have produced a song that you are proud of, you can upload it to Spotify and promote it to your friends and family to start earning money.

19. Try Movie or TV Program

It may take hundreds of auditions, and a lot of patience, but for all the stars who have done it, it has been profitable. Do not count them because you are afraid to pursue this dream. All you need is a quick google search to see your local search. You could start at a local theater or maybe a small shop to get your name there. If you are not afraid to hear the word "No", you can not lose.

Remember, people are born with only a gift. Maybe some skills come easier than others, but all the characters / characters have spent thousands of hours honing their craft. If this is your dream, there is no reason not to start now.

20. Sell Clothes from thrift store or garage sale

This is the whole idea behind the Netflix Girl Boss show. If you can find good clothes in retail stores that you think would be great if they were made properly, you can try selling them on ThredUp, Poshmark, or Ebay to get more than what you bought for them. This is a low-selling buying strategy.

Here's a great tutorial on how to start your first business: Business: How to Start a Business With a Business Vision 

21. Manage Communication Accounts

If you are a young person who spends a few hours a day on social media, you are well suited for the job. There are hundreds of thousands of businesses out there without much of a social media platform.

For small business owners, this aspect of the business is very bad

26. Be an Ambassador

Did you know that you can make money by recommending other people's products? If you create the following on a blog or social media account, you can earn a commission by recommending a product or service that you have tested and liked.

27. Write an EBook

Do you like to write? Independent authors of all ages write stories or EBooks with information on a variety of topics. You can publish them on Amazon or make your fictional story available on Wattpad where fans can choose to give you money.

It was then that the book "The Kissing Booth," written by young author Beth Reekles, became popular, with an estimated 19 million views!


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