Top 21 Ways To Make Money Online By Blogging In 2022

  In India, a trained blogger can earn up to $ 10,000 a month. On average, a blogger can earn between $ 300 and $ 400 a month. Celebrity bloggers can earn from $ 20,000 to $ 30,000 every month. Blogging has emerged as a daunting task for many people in India over the past few years. But how easy is it to make money with blogging in India?

Some professional bloggers earn even more than the annual salary of high-level employees. Today, blogging is growing rapidly and is considered a normal part of life. So, if you want to know how to make money by blogging in India, you have come to the right place. Here are 15 top ways to make money with blogging in India.

If you ask any of the above questions, you have come to the right place. In this mega money-making blogging guide, you will learn all the features that will help you get started.

These methods are based on my 11 years of professional blogging experience. I also share screenshots of payments for a few revenue streams to give you an overview.

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A few years ago, blogging was just another hobby that some people did more than work full-time. Today, blogging still works that way, but much has changed.

By 2021, blogging has become a lucrative online business and many people are starting a blog to get into this great profession.

How do you make money with blogging in India?


1. Provide your services

If your blog has useful and informative content, it can be easy to identify web traffic to it. You can provide paid services to your online visitors. Many bloggers have a “Work with Me” section on their blogs. For example, if your website is financially viable, you can offer 1: 1 financial consulting services to your visitors every half hour and charge them.

Payments in India can be accepted in different ways. You may request to transfer money to your bank account. Alternatively, you can take the help of a payment gateway and ask clients to pay using it. The paymaster may charge a small percentage of the amount you earn. 

2. Ad networks

There are various popular advertising networks where you can earn money. Some of these are as follows:

  • Google AdSense
  • MMedia
  • Facebook Audience Network ads
  • Awareness
  • Apple Advertising
  • Epom
  • Tabola
  • Yahoo Network

In this case, Google AdSense turned out to be very popular. In the event that a blogger has an authorized Adsense account, they will need to copy the code to the back of their site in order to start displaying ads. As a blogger, you earn money every time visitors click or see their ads. The monetization strategy is suitable for high-traffic educational blogs, assuming Google AdSense only deposits money into your accounts when you exceed $ 100.

3. Sell information products

This is another popular way to make money with blogging in India. If there is an existing audience from the following forums or email lists, you might consider designing and marketing your information products. A study or ebook is an example of a knowledge product. If there is a good plan in place, it is not a difficult task to find the right people and put your products on time.

Information products with low ticket sizes, especially $ 50 - $ 200, encourage random purchases assuming that users are always looking for ways to improve their knowledge. Information products can be anything from an e-book to an automated online course.

4. Affiliate Marketing

Combined ads can be one of the best ways to make money with blogging. A single sale can bring you more revenue compared to clicking on an ad. Comprehensive marketing is something that many bloggers get into these days. If you are looking for a list of affiliate marketing programs in India to make money with your blog, we have a complete list that you should definitely check out.

The great advantage of participating in affiliate marketing is that the process can be applied to any blogging platform such as LinkedIn, Medium, Squarespace, or Wix. You should simply share a unique link to your recommended product. Every time someone buys a product, you can get a big commission on the sale price. Collaborative commissions earned on each sale can range from anywhere between 5% to 30%. I have Already created a full detailed article on Amazon affiliate marketing you read it!

5. Spaces / Sponsored Products

If your blog has a certain authority and has started to get web traffic, offers may come from writing sponsored blog posts or reviewing products for money. There are many instances where someone who pays for sponsored articles or posts may need backlinks to their customers or their sites. Such backlinks can help them get better rankings in search engine results.

Sponsored posts are usually priced based on organic traffic and website authority. You can find anywhere between $ 50 - $ 150 on all sponsored posts published on the site

6. Traditional advertising

Indigenous advertising uses paid ads, such as function, feeling, and the appearance of the media format where it originates. You will most likely encounter these ads in a social media feed. They do not look like advertisements in the form of advertisements or advertisements that are displayed. Indigenous advertising is another popular way to make money through blogging. In native advertising, a blogger combines the marketing message of its advertiser in such a way that it is already editing instead of the ad.

You can consider these traditional marketing solutions to increase your revenue through blogging:

  • Mgid
  • Taboola
  • Adsense as it contains indigenous ads
  • Outbrain, which offers high-quality traditional ads

7. Selling to existing customers

You will agree that it is easy to sell those people who already trust you and are your existing customers. If you have an information product like a video tutorial or Ebook, you can create other products. Your existing clients will find these important and useful. Providing personal training is another good benefit. It can be group or individual training.

8. Introduce online courses

You may have some questions in your mind. This may include the following:

  1. Can a 1-2 hour video tutorial be created?
  2. Is it possible to add downloadable, checklist templates?
  3. Can your textbook be converted to video format?

If the answers to all of these questions are yes, then it might be best for you. Today, advances in technology have made it easier to introduce an online course. Just integrate a learning management plan into your website and start selling your courses

9. Use agents/ products to redefine your existing audience

All visitors to your blog will not purchase the promotional product or information product you are selling. The surest way to reach them is to capture their emails. You can also direct these visitors to social media platforms such as Facebook with offers. For example, you are selling an eBook and the visitor is not buying it. You can redirect him with the appropriate ad on Facebook.

10. Direct ads

Direct ads are another great way to earn money with your blogs. For example, if you have an established blog, you can link directly to products to place their ads on your site. Alternatively, you may enter into a relationship with agencies to do the same.

11. Create online and offline workshops


In case you enjoy a good number of followers of your blog, they consider you an expert in your niche. For example, you could set up paid workshops, and use your blog to get subscriptions.

12. Make money through social media

The sky is the limit for your ability to profit through social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. For example, people with a large fan base can interact with beauty, fashion, and health products on their Instagram page.

13. Start a community book / paid newspaper

Do you have a large number of returning visitors to your website? If so, you can start a paid forum or email newsletter. You may also charge a monthly fee, annual fee, or one-time payment to these people. There can be 2 different ways that newspapers can be used to make big money:

  1.  Ask for a ride so you do not allow free uploaders- Although being a freeloader is not a mistake, you may want to have people who show commitment to what you offer. Therefore, it is best to ask for money first.
  2. You may charge a regular fee (annually / monthly) - You may wish to share special content with people whose names appear on your list. You can not and should not share an updated version of your clips or blog posts. Also, consistency in sending this newsletter plays an important role.

14. Video blogging on YouTube

Another growing type of blogging where video bloggers talk about and reflect on their daily lives, too, builds a community. Vlogs are very popular and popular on YouTube and popular video bloggers can earn a lot of money. A few popular video blog topics include:

  • Tourism
  • Fashion
  • Lifestyle
  • Entertainment
  • Inspiration

15. Organize multiple product campaigns

The strategy is suitable for any type of blog with a large audience. A blogger can help brands reach their target audience by organizing campaigns for them. The goal can be achieved through paid ads, the use of webinars, video production, and product interactions.

16. Sell your eBooks

If you notice, the business model of top bloggers is related to selling their products like eBooks.

All you have to do is select a topic, add an eBook to that topic, and sell it on your blog or Amazon. Once you become familiar with the process, you can earn a decent amount of money by selling eBooks online.

In addition, having your own product to sell is the best thing you can do to generate revenue.

You can turn your articles into a well-designed book and sell them on your blog or in other forums like for money. This will also give you credibility as a writer.

17. Provide training resources

Similar to consultation, training is usually a one-person service (while the consultation is usually provided by organizations or groups). Combine the various packages you can offer: hour consultation, DIY packages, or unlimited email advice packages.

18. Hosting webinars

While many businesses use them for tracking, hosting paid webinars is also an option. Just make sure you offer a unique price with so many free webinars out there, you need to offer something special if you want to pay for it.\

19. Search for sponsored tournaments or prizes

Approach businesses in your niche and offer hosting giveaways or competition on your blog or social media platforms. This can increase their business awareness among your fans; and if done right, it can also produce a ton of tracks for their business.

20. Teach an online lesson

Want to design and host an entirely online course on your blog? WordPress plugins like LearnDash and Zippy Courses make it easy to get started. Yes, if you would like to conduct your studies using a designated online education site, check out Udemy or Skillshare.

With Zippy Courses, you can get an instant online course, without the required coding skills

21. Create a private community

Build a visible community on your blog using a free plugin like bbPress, or manage it on Facebook using Facebook groups. With so many free groups out there, just make sure you offer an amazing price to make your monthly payment worthwhile.

Conclusion : 

In this article I have explained the top 21 ways how to make money online by blogging with step by step explanation hope you have have liked!


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