You can now earn money for doing nothing; here's how the Cadbury 5Star is making it possible


    Cadbury 5Star is back with a refreshing campaign that extends its ‘Do Nothing’ proposal. To take another step forward, the brand has introduced NothingCoin, a new form of cash that you can earn without doing anything. With no expensive hardware or huge investment required, NothingCoin challenges the traditional notion that only hard work helps people to lead.

Commenting on the campaign, Anil Viswanathan, Executive Director - Marketing, in Mondelez India, said, "Gen Z today is on the list of trends - from balancing their studies, getting a job, having public health to their investment concerns. Programs. We really feel they deserve some leisure time and maybe even the much-needed digital detox.As a symbol of the heart of our country's youth culture with new campaigns and weird stories, the launch of NothingCoin is our attempt to encourage them to take a relaxing and rewarding vacation. wisdom and speaking the language of youthful happiness. ”

In this latest communication, the genre speaks to today’s young people who are digital natives and who never remember the time that we don’t have smartphones, the internet, and social media. Including college students and job seekers for the first time with busy schedules, they have no time left in their hands to relax and do nothing. Through this campaign, production in a unique way encourages the idea of ​​getting away from the stresses of life, enjoying some relaxation, and spending time doing nothing; all while rewarding and allowing them to benefit.


    The idea of ​​activation is that consumers can dig up this coin by purchasing a Cadbury 5Star, scanning the QR code, and logging into the Do Nothing mining website. After following the basic steps, the buyer should not do anything and keep his phone aside so that the website mining NothingCoins for them. For mining coins, the buyer can use the exciting offer in our digital Cadbury 5Star mall with a website with products from Souled Store & offers from Paytm or he can also redeem JioMart voucher coins.

The introduction of this type of currency will be supported by integrated 360-degree marketing communications, which include digital films, new outdoor innovations, and influential-led openings. As part of the outsourcing, the brand has looked around to set up traditional banks and set up a branch in Nariman Point in Mumbai where buyers can visit the bank, take a Cadbury 5Star, sit, and do nothing to dig up any Nothing on our coins. website. The bank has a mortgage, ATM, and investment systems with strange messages asking the consumer to do nothing.

Darshan Gowda
By : Darshan Gowda
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